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We are Australia’s leading providers of electrical insulators and can provide professional help to small or large scale projects.

Our broad range of electrical insulation is manufactured right here in Australia, and our facilities have the capability to manufacture a wide range of services from cut-to-order sheet materials to fabrication of complex components.

What are Electrical Insulators?

Electrical insulators are materials that block the flow of electrical current. Electrical insulators consist of different materials that resist electrical flow such as ceramic, rubber and plastics. Electrical insulators commonly have coatings applied including glazing.

What is an Electrical Ceramic Insulator?

Electrical ceramic insulators are used in applications that require a non-conductive rigid component and/or source for heat dissipation. Although all ceramic formulations can be used in electrical applications, Steatite and Porcelain are the most common choice due to their excellent electrical properties.

What products do we offer?

Our suite of products includes:

  • resistor formers
  • terminal blocks
  • beads and spacers for electrical insulation
  • element supports tubes
  • high temperature radiants
  • metal sampling devices
  • mill balls, tower packing and boiler tubes
  • grinding media
  • stud welding ferrules
  • combustion boats
  • foundry tubes

You can count on TCA to deliver on all projects. ALWAYS.

We not only pride ourselves in offering the widest range of electrical insulators but we firmly believe in fostering strong collaborations with our customers, allowing us to deliver individual, tailored solutions. This business philosophy of forming long-term partnerships with our customers is why we are Australia’s market leaders for electrical insulators, a legacy has been built over 65 years and one that continues to endure. So if you have a question about electrical insulation, refractory insulators or any other type of electrical insulator, contact TCA now on 0414 890 890 and a qualified consultant will be more than happy to help!
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